Healing Crystals, Minerals & Gemstones


We stock a Stunning Range of Polished and Tumbled Healing Crystals including Spheres, Angels, Pyramids, Skulls, Massage Wands, Points, Hearts, Chakra Wands, Pendulums, Runes, Chakra and Crystals Kits.  Our specialties are Natural Raw Mineral Specimens from All Over the World ... Many from South African Localities specifically the regions around Madagascar.

Our Variety of Collectible Beautiful Crystals include Orange River Quartz, Clear Quartz,
Ajoite,  Tanzanite, Tourmaline, Vanadinite, Sugilite, Chryscolla, Dioptase, Apophylite, Tibetan Quartz, Rose Quartz, Labradorite, Ocean Jasper, Enhydro Quartz Healing Crystals, Amethyst Clusters, Lapis, Malachite, Calcite, Brandberg Quartz and many more ...