Chakra, Reiki & Tumbled Healing Gems Kits

"The word Chakra, from the Sanskrit cakram, meaning wheel or disk or circle, it also signifies one of the seven basic energy centres in the Human body.  The Chakras are spiritual energy centres which control the distribution of life force or "Chi" energy around the body.  In spiritual healing models or holistic medicine it is known that a Chakra which is not balanced creates disharmony and subsequently dis-ease in the physical body causing illness" ... source Wikipedia

As each Chakra has its own colour energy we can therefore use specifically chosen crystals in these spectrums to assist with clearing and healing blockages of negative energy that may form in the body.  I have chosen a range of crystals that are perfect for use in Chakra meditations and healing sessions to assist with re-energising and clearing any blockages to your Chakras.