Caring for Your 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery

We have an absolutely stunning range of Jewellery and we want you to be able to keep each piece looking its absolute best so you may continue to shine together long after your purchase.

We have put together a list of do's and dont's to assist you in caring for your Special Selection of Quality 925 Sterling Silver Gemstone Jewellery ...


Silver is one of the Soul Reflection metals symbolic of the moon and feminine energies.  It is cooling and soothing and is a perfect match for semi-precious gemstones when combined in beautiful jewellery.

Pure Silver alone is to soft to create jewellery, therefore copper (in most cases) is used and blended at a rate of 7.5% to a silver content of 92.5% hence most silver jewellery being hallmarked or stamped "925"  The addition of the copper is what creates the tarnishing of the silver when it is exposed to certain chemicals/substances and gases/toxins in the air.

Here are a few tips to keep your silver looking at its best:

Polish with a Silver Cloth regularly eg: once a week;

Do not soak gemstone jewellery in most cleaning solutions as sometimes a jewellery glue is used to assist setting the gemstones and this can dissolve and ruin your jewellery.  Also some Gemstones do not like water and being soaked!!!

For stubborn stains use a soft child's toothbrush and a mild gentle soap solution ... a touch of mild baby soap or dishwashing liquid in warm water is fine. Just remember do not soak;

Keep it in an airtight dry cool place (mini ziplock/resealable plastic bags are perfect although you can get specialist jewellery storage pouches too);

Store individually where possible to prevent scratching;

Remove all jewellery when swimming and using cleaning products due to chlorine, solvents and solutions.  These will tarnish the silver;

If silver becomes excessively tarnished due to incorrect storage/long term exposure to air or substances.  Try a silver cleaning solution available at most jewellery shops.  Toothpaste is not recommended due to its abrasive nature (it will leave fine scratches) but in all honesty I have been guilty of using on my "Personal" pieces after a nasty fight with the bleach one time :( and after nothing else worked it did bring those particular rings back beautifully.  The onus is on you if you choose this method;

If all else fails visit your Jeweller and seek professional cleaning advice;

Silver will naturally darken with age and wear although you can keep this to a minimum with regular polishing with a soft jewellery polishing cloth.

Most importantly like any good investment taking care of your Jewellery means it should last you a life time.

925 Sterling Silver Gemstone Jewellery

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  • Gorgeous new crystals, minerals and giftware into stock and just uploaded to our site.  Stunning African Specialty Quartz, Crystals & Minerals including Pietersite, Rhodochrosite, Septerian, Carvings, Labradorite and so many more ...


    Clear, Smoky, Amethyst and Natural Citrine are the commonly known crystals found in cluster form and on rarer occasions Rose Quartz. Although there are many more Mineral types that are known to form as Clusters such as Rhodochrosite, Garnet and more.

    These pieces often make a beautiful display piece and are perfect for healing rooms as they radiate their energy upwards and outwards.  They are also perfect for group work.  Clusters are known as a number of some or many smaller single crystals that have grown from a base crystal or matrix of base rock displaying in a gorgeous spray of points.

    We have an amazing range of Carved Crystal and Gemstone Hearts including Rose Quartz, Madagascan Fluorite, Girasol, Ocean Jasper, Carnelian, Smoky Quartz, Amethyst, Star Rose Quartz, Larimar, Clear Quartz and many more.

    Carved Gemstone Hearts are a perfect gift for someone special or a way to hold your favourite crystal meaning within your heart and pocket.  See our growing list of Beautiful Hearts below ...


    Natural Crystal Points as nature intended and straight from the source.  We stock a beautiful range of natural points from Lepidochrosite and Fuchsite included Quartz, natural Clear and Smoky Quartz points, Natural Citrine, Spirit Quartz, Chlorite included and many many more.  See our range of available Natural Crystal Points below.

    Polished Crystal and Gemstone Freeforms and Carved Flames are perfect energy centre pieces. They also make a fantastic focal point for crystal healing, yoga and meditation spaces.

    We have a beautiful range of handcarved and polished pieces available in Septarian, Carnelian, Calcite, Ocean and Polychrome Jasper.  Dioptase, Rare Lazulite, Smoky and Natural Citrine Quartz.

    Our stock is always changing.  Please see our pieces currently available to purchase now below.


    Palmstones and Gallets are perfect for use in massage or meditation, for placing upon the body during crystal healings or to carry a little bit of crystal magic in your pocket.

    Gallets are known as an "extra large" tumblestone or a smaller palmstone which are perfect crystal healing companions.

    Worry Stones are another very useful tool for meditation or assisting with keeping focus and calm.  They are also commonly known as a "flat stone" to be held in your hand in which to rub your worries away"  Sometimes they contain a small indent to allow you to rub your thumb to allow release of tension within the mind and body.

    We have a gorgeous range of palmstones, gallets, worry and inspirational flat stones available to purchase below.

    Crystal and Gemstone slabs are perfect focus and scrying tools or gorgeous display pieces in a crystal healing room or meditative space.

    We also have a lovely range of natural pieces that have been polished on one side to reveal the true beauty of the crystal or stone.  These are also a great focus tool.

    We have a unique increasing range of gemstone slabs and polished face rough stones available to purchase now below.

    Welcome to our increasing range of Quality, Exquisite Polished Crystal and Gemstone Points include Generators, Obelisks, Double Terminated Crystals, Quartz Points, Phantom Crystals, Rutile, Included Quartz Polished Points, Chlorite Included, Lepidochrosite, Hematite, Natural Untreated Citrine, Elestial Crystals, Skeletal Crystals, Smoky Amethyst and many more. View our current selection available below. 

    We have a fantastic range of Ammonites, Black Ammonites, Nautilus Shells, Copralite (Dino Poo), Sharks Teeth, Amber and Petrified Wood Specimens available for sale below:

    Fossils are a fantastic and fun collectible item for both adults and children alike.  They are a brilliant link to a time that we have only read about.

    "The word ‘fossil’ comes from the Latin word fossus, which means ‘dug up’. This refers to the fact that fossils are the remains of past life preserved in rock, soil or amber. Generally, the remains were once the hard parts of an organism, such as bones and shell although, under exceptional circumstances, soft tissues have also fossilised. There are different types of fossils because remains can be preserved in a variety of ways."

    The information above was sourced from the Australian Museum's Website - To see this fantastic information and so much more.  Here is the link to their website:

    Looking for Extraordinary, High Quality Pieces (both Large and Small) for your Personal Space or Healing Room ??  When a piece speaks to us we just know it serves to take us beyond the realms of now and on an intimate journey of soul healing.  These Beautiful pieces have been hand chosen for their exquisite quality and energy.  We hope they amaze you too ...  


    We stock a Stunning Range of Polished and Tumbled Healing Crystals including Spheres, Angels, Pyramids, Skulls, Massage Wands, Points, Hearts, Chakra Wands, Pendulums, Runes, Chakra and Crystals Kits.  Our specialties are Natural Raw Mineral Specimens from All Over the World ... Many from South African Localities specifically the regions around Madagascar.

    Our Variety of Collectible Beautiful Crystals include Orange River Quartz, Clear Quartz,
    Ajoite,  Tanzanite, Tourmaline, Vanadinite, Sugilite, Chryscolla, Dioptase, Apophylite, Tibetan Quartz, Rose Quartz, Labradorite, Ocean Jasper, Enhydro Quartz Healing Crystals, Amethyst Clusters, Lapis, Malachite, Calcite, Brandberg Quartz and many more ...

    Our gifts are chosen from the heart with a thought for Everyone and for Every Occasion. Maybe even something Special for You!!!

    Beautiful Jewellery is a unique and wonderful expression of who we are in a creative and individual sense.

    We have chosen a Unique and Individual Range of Beautiful Quality Handcrafted 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery featuring Facetted Cut and Cabachon Polished Semi-Precious Gemstones that will assist in Promoting a sense of Peace and Wellbeing to the Wearer.  We also stock beaded gemstone chip bracelets and some gorgeous unusual handmade pieces.

    See our Available Jewellery Range below.